CONQUEROR™ PREMIUM WARRANTY - Everything covered, even accidents!

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Accidents Happen. Gear Breaks. 

We just want to make sure you are covered. Our specialty CONQUEROR Warranty has your back! In the words of my Grandma Betty, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” 

What does the CONQUEROR Warranty cover? 

Outdoor Gear is expensive to repair, and the costs can add up quickly. CONQUEROR protects protect your products against everyday accidents as well as all malfunctions. Here is a list of what our warranty covers. 

- All Mechanical/Electrical Failures from Normal Use 
- Broken Straps, claps or harnesses 
- Rips,tears & cracks 
- Screen Failure 
- Drops 
- Charging Port Failure

*Batteries are not included in warranty

*Warranty is valid for 1 item per order, please purchase multiple warranties based on the number of units in your order, to insure all items

More details:

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